Saving Accounts

Establishing a regular savings program is an important part of your money management strategy. Whether your goal is to save for a big purchase, set up an emergency fund, or save for retirement, CCCUL offers a variety of savings products to meet your needs.


  • All Savings Accounts Attact 2% Interest Per Annum

Regular Savings

Save to this account regularly as a deduction from your salary or as deposits over the counter. Save any amount which you can afford. No minimum balance is required and there are no charges to the account. Build this savings and use it as part security to your loans or as full security for character loans.

  • Interest Is Paid Monthly To This Account

Deposit Savings

Don’t be caught off-guard. Save monthly to meet insurance and other annual payments when they fall due.

  • Interest Is Paid Monthly To This Account

Vacation Club

This interest bearing savings account is designed to encourage members to save for their vacation.

  • Interest Is Paid Monthly To This Account

Christmas Club

Don’t be caught without cash at Christmas time. Save regularly from January to November and receive a lump sum interest payment to your account at the end of November. The more you save the more you receive.

Fixed Deposit

Invest In A CCCUL Fixed Deposit And Let Your Money Earn Attractive Interest Rates Today!

  • Fixed Deposit Rates per annum:

  • 6 months – 2.0%
  • 12 months – 2.5%
  • 24 months – 2.75%

* Rates Effective June 1st 2015

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