How to Get A Loan at CCCUL

  • Need a Loan?

  • Be a Member of CCCUL for a Minimum of 6 Weeks
  • Provide Proof of Income ( e.g. Salary Slips, Audited Financial Statements)
  • Letter of Employment
  • Picture Identification
  • Copy of Land Title for Security The Loan
  • Bill of Sale for Security a Vehicle Loan
  • Insurance Quotation for Property or Vehicle
  • Detailed Estimates for Building Repair Loans
  • Favorable Credit Check.
  • Deposit Requirements for Obtaining a Loan

  • A Deposit of 10% of the Loan Amount
  • Building and Land Loans 5%
  • Vehicle Loans for Personal Use, 10% to 15%
  • Vehicle Loans for Business / Commercial Use, 20 to 25%
  • Membership is Open to All

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