Consumer Loans

Vehicle Loans

That vehicle you wish to have is within your reach now with a Credit Union Loan.


  • Letter of intent to sell
  • Mechanical Report
  • Proforma invoice with all related cost for imported vehicles
  • Picture of Vehicle
  • Insurance Quotation (Full comprehensive)
  • Cash Covered Loans

We all know how difficult it can be to save money these days. Do not deplete your savings. Instead, apply for a savings covered loan. It only takes a few minutes to process and approve.

Land Loans

It is about time that you own that piece of land you have been looking at. Make this dream a reality by coming in to speak with us. Bring in the letter of intent to sell from the vendor, site plans, valuation report and a copy of the Certificate of Title for the property.

Housing Loan/Repairs

How about having your own keys to your home? It is about time that you use the money paid for rent to contribute to the payment of your own home. Give your family a sense of comfort and security with a mortgage loan today. Bring in the approved plan, estimate, building insurance quotation and come in to speak to us about that dream.

Debt Consolidation

No need to have your finances spread so thinly making different payments trying to honor all your debt. Let us help you to manage your finances with a debt consolidation loan. Just bring in statements for these debts.


Sometimes you are in a hurry and do not have the time to wait to see a loans officer. You need cash now but do not want to withdraw from your savings. Well we have heard and have responded with the CCCUXpress. You need to apply only once for a credit limit and borrow against this limit whenever you want. You manage your own account. CCCUXpress no more waiting in line, no more interviews.

Pay-Day Loans

In need of a little money before the next Pay Day? Don’t go to these other institutions who call themselves easy and fast and charge exorbitant interest rates. Come in to apply for a CCCUL PAY DAY loan to take care of that need and pay it off on the next month end. It is easy and only takes minutes to approve!

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