The Central Co-operative Credit Union Ltd is pleased to announce that we are continuing our scholarship program for high school students.

The CCCUL will award four (4) scholarships; two (2) scholarships based on need and two (2) scholarships based on merit.

Minor depositors and children of member are eligible for these scholarships.

The scholarship is granted for a period of five (5) years.

Conditions of the Scholarship

  • The students to whom this scholarship is awarded should be of and maintain a good character.
  • The student will forfeit the scholarship if he/she repeats a class due to poor academic performance.
  • Parents of children to whom scholarships are awarded are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that their children adhere to the Society’s rules and regulations governing the award of the scholarship.
  • If a student is expelled from school for misconduct or low academic achievement, the scholarship will automatically be withdrawn from this student.
  • Failure to observe the above conditions will also result in the forfeiture of the scholarship.

The Scholarship covers the following:

  • Textbooks will be provided, from forms one to five
  • Exercise books will be supplied
  • A Stationery Voucher will be provided
  • Uniforms will be provided for the first and third year
  • School fees not exceeding $1,000 will be paid.
  • Caribbean Certificate Secondary Level Competency (CCSLC) examination fees will be paid.

Terms and Conditions Apply*

Scholarship Announcement

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